Contract is one of the most ancient legal instruments used in all spheres of society’s life. Activity of any enterprise involves constant conclusion of contracts and agreements with various entities, suppliers, customers, employees, etc. Contract work implies a long process consisting of several stages.

Optimization of the contract work is a science that requires wide experience in various fields of human knowledge. The contract can include a lot of pitfalls, time bombs, mechanisms that can be triggered at the right time to convince or compel the other party to perform the contract properly. In order to avoid such incidents one should be attentive during checking the counterparty, its documents, clearly specify all the details and conditions of the contract and think about the mechanism of performance of the contract in advance.

The contract plays a key role in the relationships between the organizations and entrepreneurs.

We do not just draw up a contract on the task of our client, we deeply and comprehensively analyze the situation, gather the facts, find out the will, interests and plans not only of the client, but also of its counterpart.

Only after gathering the facts it’s possible to make a good contract! We check the information provided by the Client: it may be incomplete, mutilate, unverified. We ask a lot of questions to the Client, ourselves and draw up a contract as if we ourselves were a Client. More effective approach does not exist!

Primary advantages

1. Discipline.
Competent agreement with clear, unambiguous terms that provide for consistent and premeditated mechanism of its performance, definitely disciplines the parties avoiding unnecessary conflicts;

2. Resolution of issues concerning debts.
Well-formed contract work in the company is the key to the future success of the company in resolving the issues concerning the receivables and payables arising in the course of economic activities.

3. Regulation of the contract work.
Ability to solve complex problems including systematization of contract base, its testing, regulation of contract work and implementation of electronic document flow.

Service includes:

  • development of draft contracts (agreements) subject to application and use for the contractual obligations of any kind;
  • analysis of the subject of specific transaction, examination of the proposals (needs) and defining basic conditions for their implementation;
  • verification of the contract counterparty, its powers, statutory documents, and history;
  • development of phased mechanism of the contract execution.
  • suggesting the means most suitable for the specific obligation for ensuring its implementation;
  • modeling, studying and assessment of possible risks taking into account the fact that the dispute can be the subject of court proceedings. Options to minimize such risks;
  • state registration of contracts when it is required by law.

Well-formed and well-established contract activity can prevent unnecessary errors and misunderstandings that result in loss of time and resources. In addition, systematic and effective contract modeling allows to avoid conflicts with partners, minimize risks and prevent litigation.

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