Legal labor relations settlement is creation of necessary legal conditions for optimal coordination of the interests of the parties of labor relations and interests of the state in accordance with the established principles.

 Legal regulation of labor, as is known, is determined by the objective conditions of society development. Underfunding of production in some sectors, general economic downturn and other economic factors give rise to problems related to occupation and employment, imperfect forms of payment and work system, bureaucratic mechanism of labor market regulation. The global financial and economic crisis and its continuing effects have proved negative phenomena, first of all, in the field of ​​labor relations.

 Many employers managers came across very painful and difficult issues: how to optimize the costs for salaries, how to build labor relations in the new conditions in order to meet the requirements of the labor legislation, maintain production facilities, optimally take into account own interests and interests of the enterprise employees.

 Today Kazakhstan has the particular acute need in the further development and reformation of the mechanism for state regulation of labor relations through the formation of a full-fledged labor market, further improvement of the labor legislation.


Regulation of labor relations includes the following services:

  •  Consultation on all matters in any way relating to the current labor legislation;
  •  assistance in provision of interest in the negotiations that take place between the representatives of the company administration and employee (in order to resolve occurred conflict before the trial);
  •  Preparation of appropriate appeal to the prosecutor's office or the labor inspectorate as well as to other organizations that provide supervision over implementation of the labor law and intact rights of citizens;
  •  representing client’s interests in resolution of individual and collective labor disputes;
  •  assistance in drawing up documentation for the companies (labor contracts, instructions, rules, regulations, collective agreements, etc.);
  •  expert assessment of the correctness of available documentation;
  •  drafting of documents, requests, complaints and other legal documents that are necessary to participate in the court proceedings relating to labor disputes;
  •  protection of labor rights and interests in the court.

 Our advantages:

  •  Analysis and study of the company's internal labor regulatory documents and bringing it into line with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  •  Assistance in preparing the necessary documentation of the company
  •  Comprehensive and complete legal advice on labor legislation
  •  Drawing up necessary documents of claim nature, appealing the employer’s actions in supervising or judicial authorities.

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