ELITE Legal is a law firm providing a wide range of legal services in Kazakhstan (state license No.0002018 dated 07.01.2005).

 ELITE Legal Law Firm carries out its activities in the field of services for small, medium and large businesses since 2004. The company has in its own lawyers with wide experience (proven record) sufficient for solving complex issues, including lawyers with practical experience in the prosecution authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with experience of private enforcement agent, with problem loans in second-tier banks, active arbitrator (awarder) for the Centre of Commercial Arbitration at the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
 An important aspect of our business is cooperation with state authorities. The partners of our firm, after starting their professional career in public service, continue to maintain and expand relations and cooperation with public authorities at all levels. This allows us to promote effectively the interests of our clients, if necessary. During the period of joint work, we have accumulated the wide experience and achieved positive results in permanent and complete legal support of companies’ businesses with extensive regional networks.

 We have gained experience in correct and effective implementation of civil, criminal, administrative and other legislation of Kazakhstan taking into account peculiarities and specifics of the various state law enforcement or judicial authorities, have learned to by-pass the sharp corners associated with the imperfection of the current legislation of the country, having developed our own exclusive method and system of business protection in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

ELITE Legal has positive practical experience in collection of receivables in favor of well-known companies such as “K Cell” - GSM Kazakhstan of “Kazaktelecom” JSC, today known as “Kcell” JSC (in 2006-2007), “Pernod Ricard Kazakhstan” (from 2008 till present), “Henkel Central Asia & Caucasus” (from 2009 till present), etc.

 The company has also practical experience in the bankruptcy of insolvent debtors, relationships with temporary and insolvency managers including under the new Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On rehabilitation and bankruptcy" dated 07.03.2014.  
 Protection of intellectual property is a key area of ELITE Legal activities. For more than 10 years of work in the field of protection of intellectual property rights, the company has gained the wide experience, has hundreds of cases successfully conducted and achieved positive results.
 Thus, during fighting with counterfeiting and forgery, we have gained experience in security and effective protection of intellectual property rights of such trademark owners as global companies “Procter & Gamble” (brands “Fairy”, “Pantene PRO-V”, “Head & Shoulders”, “ACE”, “Lenore”, “Comet”), “Gillette Group” (“Duracell” batteries), “Lacoste SA” (trademarks “Lacoste”), “Ferrero SPA” (brand “Ferrero Rocher” and “Ferrero”), Kazakhstan companies "UAT" and “Realma” (trademarks "Master Kan" and "Tsarskaya zastolnaya"), etc.

 As for prosecution of parallel "gray" import, we have positive results in representing the interests of such well-known companies as “Chivas Brothers (Europe) Limited” (whiskey “Chivas Regal” and “Royal Salute”), “Bacardi and Company Limited” (vermouth ‘Martini” and rum “Bacardi”), “Beiersdorf Ackciengezallshaft” (“Nivea” goods), “Nissan Motor Co., LTD” (cars “Nissan” and “Infiniti”), “Henkel AG & Co. KGaA” (products “Persil”, “Palette”, “Vernel”, “Syoss”, “Loctite”, etc.) and others.

 We protect the intellectual property rights using the powers of the customs authorities of Kazakhstan through release suspension regime in respect of which there is a suspicion that they violate intellectual property rights, if such objects of intellectual property are included into the customs register. Today, our company is a representative in the customs register of Kazakhstan of the right holders’ interests of more than 60 trademarks such as “Chivas Regal”, “Royal Salute”, “Martell”, “Jameson”, “Makroflex”, “Palette”, “Syoss”, “Persil”, “Nivea”, “Nissan”, “Infiniti”, “Evian”, etc. (www.e.customs.kz).
 Patent attorneys from ELITE Legal, the members of Association of the Patent Attorneys of the Republic of Kazakhstan, provide full range of services relating to the registration and protection in Kazakhstan of intellectual property of any kind, including consultations, preparation of contracts for alienation of intellectual property rights, conducting expert studies, maintenance of security and registration documents in force and so on.

 We regularly participate in symposia of the Association of companies - owners of trademarks, in republican and international seminars and research and practice conferences, where we share with experience in practical protection of intellectual property rights, we organized and conducted master classes and workshops on registration, protection and effective management of intellectual property of any kind.
 We are honest, reliable, focused on long-term cooperation with our clients, partners and consultants. Most of all, we value client’s trust and our reputation.

 We are able to justify your confidence and look forward to mutual cooperation and establishment of fruitful business relationships.

We guarantee quality services and full support of the mission till its logical completion. We will solve any of your problems promptly.