Defense of Intellectual Property is included in the category of national security, because it is related to survival of the state in the international community, building in the country of civilized civil society based on respect to the property, intelligence, personality of others.

Defense of Intellectual Property

 The need in effective protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the authors and owners of intellectual property in the country is conditioned by the large number of objective reasons: the most national economies in the region are in the stage of transition to market relations, limited financial resources of the creators of intellectual property objects, underdeveloped infrastructure in this field, lack of traditions, legal culture in the field of use of intellectual property objects.

 Among the urgent problems which country faces there are the illegal use of intellectual property objects and resistance to piracy, distribution of counterfeit products.

 Benefits of protection of intellectual property rights:

  •  encouraging the technological progress and attracting the investments into production, creating the new work positions;
  •  creating the conditions for prosperity of creativity and innovations, factor for development of the national economy, social and cultural well-being;
  •  people health and welfare concerns, protection of consumer against counterfeit ("pirat") products;
  •  punishment of the offender, parasitizing on the reputation of other brand or other intellectual property object.


 Intellectual Property Protection Services:

  • inclusion of a trademark in the Customs Register of Intellectual Property objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan or into the unified customs register of intellectual property objects – of the customs union members – in a single package and with a "turnkey" guarantee;
  • activities on trademarks protection after inclusion of a trademark into the customs register of intellectual property objects;
  • protection of intellectual property rights against counterfeit (fake) products by means of administrative, criminal and civil law, including securing evidence of intellectual property rights violation up to participation in the proceedings on the case;
  • protection of intellectual property rights from products of "parallel" import by mean of civil law up to participation in all the courts in the case;
  • inclusion of a trademark into the Customs Register of Intellectual Property objects of Kyrgyzstan.

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