Human genius is the source of all works of art and invention. These works are the guarantees of a life worthy of men. "It is duty of the state to ensure with diligence the protection of the arts and inventions" (inscription on the copula of the WIPO Headquarters building in Geneva).

 Intellectual property is the right foundation of long-term development of the country, the guarantee of its prosperity regardless of availability of its natural resources. This is the basis of the nation's competitiveness, competitiveness of our state.

Intellectual property is the result of intellectual activity and the equivalent means of individualization of legal entities, goods, services and enterprises for which legal protection is provided. The objects of intellectual property are copyrights and industrial property.

Copyright as an object of intellectual property includes works of science, literature and art, software, databases, performances, phonograms.

 All of these objects of intellectual property are protected if they are the result of creative activities.

Industrial property as an object of intellectual property includes patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, service marks and designations of origin.

Industrial property shall be registered, as this is intellectual property which is related to creating, protecting and using the objects determined by the content of results achieved.

 Trademark Registration

Many thousands of domestic manufacturers have entered the market and started active participation in the products promotion process. Being notable and consolidation of leadership can be made in only one way – to provide unique features to the product.

Trademark, first of all, is a way of individualization of the goods produced. This is a powerful weapon to defend and attack with.

State registration of a trademark has the following advantages:

  • allows the right holder place symbol ® next to the registered trademark in order to notify about its exclusive right to the trademark;
  • provides an exclusive right to use the trademark in relation to goods and services for which it was registered and allows to prohibit to third parties to use the identical or confusingly similar designation without your consent with respect to similar goods and services;
  • affirms priority of your trademark. If a third party attempts to register an identical or confusingly similar designation in respect of similar goods or services, registration thereof will be rejected;
  • entails the administrative, criminal or civil liability, provides an opportunity to demand from the owner's rights abuser to reimburse the losses, pay compensation, withhold  and destroy the counterfeit goods;
  • allows the owner of the registered trademark to apply based on the national registration for international trademark registration under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol procedure and to register its trademark in foreign countries;
  • allows the owner to include its trademark in the customs register of intellectual property objects and thereby prohibit importation though the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan of counterfeit (fake) goods marked with your trademark, or to be able to keep track with the help of the customs bodies of moving through the Kazakhstan customs border of "gray" (parallel) import by unauthorized importers;
  • allows a trademark owner to prohibit the using in Internet of domain names in .KZ zone, which violate the rights of the trademark owner.


 Trademark registration services:

  • comprehensive search of similar trademarks or identical to the designation claimed;
  • assistance in choosing the classes of goods and services (ICGS classes), by which the trademark will be registered;
  • preparation of all documents and application for registration of the trademark;
  • filing an application for trademark registration with RSE "National Institute of Intellectual Property" of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RSE "NIIP");
  • calendar monitoring of trademark registration in RSE "NIIP";
  • international registration of the trademark in the countries of Madrid Agreement and its Protocol as well as in any other country of your choice;
  • assistance in developing a trademark and corporate identity which subsequently can be registered;
  • accelerated registration of the trademark, if necessary;
  • cancellation of trademarks of other persons that will prevent the registration of your trademark, representation of the client’s interests in the Appeal Board of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan in connection with filing of objections to the trademark registration;
  • assistance in trademark evaluation in terms of its commercial value, and during marketing research of perception of the client’s product categories in order to protect them from the competitors.
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