Legal Service is transfer of the functions of legal support of your organization activity to external company (outsourcing) under the paid services contract.

There are subscriber and single legal services, which differ from each other by regularity of rendering legal services or settlement of legal issues at the client’s request.

Subscriber legal service includes partial or complete legal support of the organization activity.

Primary advantages

1. Convenient.
Subscriber legal service allows significantly reduce the costs for establishment and maintenance of additional jobs;

2. Professional.
The collective qualification of the employees from the legal firm and their experience always exceed qualification of the lawyer in the staff whether even very experienced one;

3. Effective.
Complex legal service is accompanied by management consultations on a wide range of issues related to the strategic activity of the company;

4. Reliable.
All consultations are supported by references to the applicable laws and regulations, comments and practice of the courts;

5. Profitable.
The costs for subscriber legal services are included in the expenses when determining the tax base.


Service includes:

  • operational legal consultations (oral and written);
  • development and examination of any documents (contracts, agreements, treaties and other documents) relating to the company’s activity;
  • legal audit of the company’s activity;
  • legal support of the client’s transactions;
  • participation in negotiations with the client’s contractors;
  • representation of the rights and interests of the client in judicial, law enforcement and government agencies;
  • representation and protection of the client's interests in courts of all instances;
  • registration, reorganization, liquidation of legal entities;
  • timely notification of changes in the legislation that are directly or indirectly related to the client’s activities;
  • other legal services on legal support of the firm activity.

Many managers are now choosing such way, as it eliminates the need to train, monitor and constantly keep lawyers in staff.

External consultants are convenient because the law firm is responsible for them, provides smooth operation with the client’s affairs to be settled.

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